Naked Yoga West LA

About Us

Our classes and workshops are taught by knowledgeable, compassionate teachers. Our student yogis are eager to learn and grow their yoga practice. We join together as gay, bi and straight men on our journey to become better yogis and share our practices. The difference is that we practice naked.

Being naked in class may take a bit of courage at first, but soon you realize you are part of a community of supportive, non-judgmental yogis. Begin your journey toward deeper connections to your breath, body, consciousness and community. Learn to shed inhibitions about body image and open yourself to experienced, qualified instruction in different styles of yoga.

Classes are offered to help you deepen your practice regardless of your level of experience. Teachers may make hands-on posture adjustments and some classes may include partner work to help learn poses/asanas. Laughter, sighs, groans and grunts are allowed and encouraged. We work hard and have fun, too. Classes include music, sometimes chanting and always a supportive environment for practice.

Naked Yoga West LA is:
* A community of yogis practicing yoga uninhibited by clothing
* A welcoming, challenging and supportive environment to grow your yoga practice
* A great way to meet fellow yogis!

Naked Yoga West LA is not:

* A judgemental clique - we are open to all ages, body types and race 
* A sex club
* A dating service 

Check out the Programs and classes page for the current offerings. Join our community as we journey together toward the unity of body, mind and spirit that is yoga.